Wednesday, February 25, 2009


More Pics!

Update Finally!

I have been a little lazy on updating my blog, but oh well better late than never.  Here are some recent pictures of the girls.  Raegan slipped and fell the other day and smacked her nose on the edge of the bath tub and now has a scrape at the bottom of her nose. Poor thing, there was blood everywhere!  Anyways, Raegan is in between walking and crawling.  Each day she is walking more and crawling less.  She is so much fun to watch grow and develop her own little sassy personality. Peyton has been amazing us lately with how big she is getting.  Each day I realize just how big she is and I have to remind myself that she isn't a little baby anymore.  She talks so big and sometimes the things that she says cracks us up.  She makes sure that we are not saying bad words, as she corrects us instantly...which is a good thing!  Anyways, our girls are doing great and we are looking forward to this next baby and what he or she will add to our family.  Peyton tells me all of the time that she doesn't want another baby. But I'm sure she will get used to it once it is here!! 

Precious Neices

Hello I know that it has been a while since I posted.  Here are some pictures of our new tiny 2 lb. neices.  Kelsie was 2lbs. 11 oz and Allison was 2 lbs. 11 oz.  Notice Robert's wedding ring around Kelsie's arm.  They are still in the hospital working on getting stronger and bigger for their homecoming.