Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just Cute Pictures

Just some cute pics of the girls.  The one of Raegan with the helmet on was hilarious.  She was sitting in her baby walker while wearing Peyton's helmet.  She loves to wear it.  The others are of the girls tonight before bedtime. 

Belly Time

We took another picture of the growing booda tonight.  I am now 25 weeks pregnant, so the end is coming really fast.  I had my doctor appt. was today and she is thinking that I have gestational diabetes.  Great!!  I had it with Peyton but not with Raegan. I was really hoping that I was going to luck out and not have it this time.  This pregnancy is going really well so far.  Hopefully it continues to go well!! More belly pictures to come:)

Water Babies

The girls were playing in the water tonight.  So cute!  Raegan was having fun getting her sister wet. Summer is going to be so much fun! The other picture is of Peyton playing t-ball with her daddy in her swimsuit. She is such a girlie girl!

Mother's Day Program

Here is a picture of Peyton at her Mother's day program at Preschool.  She was hilarious. Some of the kids were picking their noses, and picking other kids noses, really not caring about the singing.  Peyton did pretty good although she liked to stick her tongue out because she was embarrassed.