Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Fun

So I wanted to get a family picture so that I could finally get my Christmas cards out, well o.k. as of now they will probably be New Year's cards. My mom and dad's fireplace is really pretty and all decked out for Christmas so we decided to do it there. Our family one's turned out ok. We attempted one time to take a picture of the just the kids and as you can see it didn't turn out so good. Gus was finished with having his picture done and Raegan was telling us how hot she was by the fireplace and she basically refused to sit down next to it any longer. Oh-well, we will try again another day. We had some fun taking pics of my sister's twins and Gus in their "baby's first Christmas" PJs. Gus was a crack-up. He was basically emotionless as the chaos of trying to get them all to smile and to look at the same camera was going on around him. The face that you see in the pics was the same face he had for the entire photo shoot. It was hilarious. At one point he and Kelsie were holding hands...too precious! Then she got curious and reached for his face and then his little lip turned down and the tears started flowing. It was all still so cute. Anyways, it has been a great holiday so far. We have eaten enough to feed a small country and we have spent alot of time together. Tomorrow we are having our Christmas here which I am so excited about. The girls will be so cute!! Then we will go up to Mom and Dad's to open presents there and then we are going sledding and cross country skiing. Then having a prime rib dinner. Should be a fun and busy day!! My sister will be leaving around the 28th then it is time to head to Denver for some more family fun! Merry Christmas everyone!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The not so forgotten party pics!

So I bought little princess crowns for the girls. But mom, dad and Annie got a hold of them. I took the picture of dad when he totally wasn't expecting it and he wanted me to delete it so I had to get it on here before he made me delete it! Also, the one with dad and Gus was so cute. Gus was laughing at his Grandpa.

Raegan is 2!!!

Yesterday was our little Raegan's 2nd birthday. It was a great day. I made her the Ariel cake, and when I showed it to her she said "Wow Ariel!" It was so cute. Then we let her open a couple of her presents after breakfast...a purple barbie mermaid, some new princess shoes and a new outfit. Peyton was hilarious. The present from Peyton was the purple mermaid and she has known about it for a few weeks now. I told her that we can't tell Raegan what her gift is and it has been killing Peyton to not tell her and she has kept it a secret this whole time. Yesterday when Raegan was opening the mermaid and before she could even see what it was Peyton yelled out "It's a purple mermaid!" It was so funny, it was like she just couldn't keep it in any longer. After she opened her presents, she got a bath and went to Grandma and Grandpa's house to help decorate the tree. She had a great time with this, then she came home and took a good nap. After she woke up, everyone was here including grandma and grandpa, Aunt Annie and fam, and Pat. She opened the rest of her presents which included a new castle from mommy and daddy, a princess and the frog dress, a princess and the frog doll, a coloring book, and a baby Ariel doll. So needless to say she was a little spoiled. She was so cute though. Then we had some dinner and then did the cake. She was so cute eating her cake. As you can see it has a lot of red frosting so it made quite the mess! After we all had cake we went back to grandma and grandpa's to watch a movie. It was an awesome day and she was so cute. I just can't believe that she is already two. It seems like yesterday she was born. Time goes way to fast with kids!

Cute Kids

Just some updated pictures. This process was supposed to take me only a few minutes, but it has turned into about an hour because I have had to tend to crabby Gus and now Raegan has decided she needs to sit with me...anyways, this Christmas break has just started and is already going way to fast. We have two weeks of doing nothing but family which is awesome, but at the end of the two weeks I go back to work:( I thought that I would be a little more anxious than I am to go back, but I actually enjoyed being home. It took me a while to get used to it and get into a good routine, and there were times I was thinking that I could never be a stay at home mom, but then I found myself really enjoying the time home and the time with my kids. That is time that is irreplacable. The good thing is that I am only going back part-time. So I will be gone in the morning, but will be with my kids the rest of the day. As far as Christmas goes, my sister from Wyoming is leaving today and will hopefully beat the snow storm that is supposed to hit and will be getting here late tonight or tomorrow. Mom and dad are getting a little settled in thier new house just in time for the holidays. We will be going to see Kirk's family around New Year's which will be awesome because we haven't been together in such a long time and they will finally get to meet our little man and we will get to meet our newest addition to the family, baby Emry who was born last week. Babies everywhere!! Anyways-tons of stuff to do today so I better be going!