Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another Video

This was the girls lastnight dancing in their swimsuits to Taylor Swift. So cute!

Snow Snow Snow!

We got hammered with a thick wet heavy snow the other night. The girls were loving it, trying to catch snowflakes. They were coming down so fast, they were almost like snow clumps instead of flakes. The next morning we sent the girls out to play while Kirk shoveled the driveway. Peyton wanted to come in, and we made her stay out for just a little longer with Reagan. When we told her that she needed to stay out longer, she went outside and stared at us through the window and pushed her nose against it. It was pretty funny and she really looked pathetic. So pathetic that we let her come in:)

Peek A Boo

Raegie in the tub...
Peyton making cookies, she is getting pretty good with the blender!
Peyton put these on him:)

Yesterday I was playing peek a boo with Gus and he had the biggest smile on his face. So glad that I could capture it to share! Peyton was helping me make cookies for her little friend Kayla that lives across the street. She and her mom and brother were in a head on collision on Friday, THANK GOD they are all alright. A few injuries of course, but we are just so thankful that they were able to walk away with just that. We made them dinner tonight along with Chocolate chip cookies, which Peyton of course was a big helper. Well, we head back to school tomorrow. It was so nice having a week of nothing. Kirk starts track tomorrow so back to chaos. Oh well, the rest of the school year is going to fly by.


Hopefully I can get this to load, this is my 1st time attempting to load a video so we will see...

If it loads the right one, it is so cute of Gus. Ijust took it a couple of days ago.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Random Pics

Just some cute pics of the kids! Gus is rolling over now, he is getting so big...5 months and 18 1/2 pounds! Peyton is being a good (mom) big sister, by teaching her little sister right from wrong by putting her in timeout. It is hilarious, because Raegan does it without arguing!

Battle of the Rashes

So this is what I have been talking about. When Gus' rashes decide to flare up, this is what he looks like. I think that putting him on the formula is definitely helping because it is happening less often, but the fact that it is still happening is driving me crazy! I just feel so bad for the poor guy, it has to itch like crazy.

Lucky Mommy and Daddy

Last week was my 30th birthday...UGHH! I just don't feel 30, not that 30 is old but I guess in some way I thought I was going to be in my 20's for a really long time and they just went way too fast. And my 30's are going to go even faster, it just plain scares me! Anyways, Kirk was so awesome and surprised me with a little getaway to Glenwood Springs. My mom kept the kids and we were able to really enjoy ourselves with a nice dinner, and a night out on the town. When we got back to Delta, we had the superbowl party at my mom's as well as a little birthday party. Mom and dad got me a new ipod for working out, and Annie got me a new bracelet that has all of my kids names on it. Chicken sent me the sweetest card with a little cash for myself, and overall I can say I had an awesome birthday! These pics are to show just how lucky Kirk and I are to have such awesome kids. We are so blessed with each one of them and I just thank god for them everyday!