Thursday, January 21, 2010

And More!

Just some more pictures. The ones with Gus and the shower cap are hilarious. Because of his eczema he was needing some scalp treatments and it required him to use a shower cap. We had some fun with it!

Lots of Pics!!

A couple of the boys!
One of Grandma's girls!
All of the cute kids!
Just the girls!
Sarah and her family this Christmas!

I haven't updated in a while and have lots of pictures to share. The last few weeks have been busy as I am back to work. My schedule is really nice being that I am part time. I teach half days on MWF and all day on Tues. and I have Thurs. off. It works out pretty good with the kids and has been really nice since my mom has been here to help:) She is a huge help not only watching the kids while I am at work, but she has even taken Peyton to school for me on Thursday's so that I don't have to drag everyone else out to get her there...Huge Help! Kirk started his semester off with the stomach flu which was really fun. We caught a serious case of it while we were in Denver for New Years. It hit Raegan first then me, then Peyton and Kirk was the last. And not to mention it wiped out most of Kirk's family as well. The gift that keeps on giving!! Then we brought it back to Delta with us and my mom got it. Lots of fun! Thank goodness that Gus didn't get it. Speaking of Gus he had his 4 month check up yesterday and is weighing in at 17 lbs. He is a big boy! He is doing great but we are just trying to get his eczema under control. I think I have it narrowed down to soaps and detergents. We will see as time will tell. The doctor gave us a cream that should help as well. He has been driving us crazy because he doesnt' want to sleep at night and is waking up every 2-3 hours. I am hoping that getting the itchy eczema under control will help. Peyton is loving school and is such a sweet girl. She is so awesome to her little brother and sister. She makes us very proud. Raegan is talking so much, I swear just in the last couple of weeks she has learned how to put sentences together. Where does the time go, she is getting way too big way too fast! Anyways, I hope you enjoy the pics!