Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Team

Even though they are not biologically my girls I still consider them "my girls".  These are the girls who can make me so proud and yet make me so stressed.  Trying to get 12 15-18 year old girls to work together can be challenging!! They are a really special group of girls.  We have had a pretty good season so far and are doing really good lately.  I am anxious for our matches this next week as we have a big chance to win them all!! We will see!! 

Just our cute girls

Just had some really cute pictures to share.  Peyton was getting ready to go to school, and the girls in the tub.  I was trying to get a picture of Raegan, that was just like Peytons when she was a baby.  

A Visit with Jeff and Family

Last weekend Kirk's brother Jeff and his family came to visit us.  It was fun to see them.  They came on Thursday night and stayed until Saturday afternoon.  I had the day off on Friday but I got home at 1:30 in the morning from a volleyball trip. Something was wrong with the bus and we had to stop several times including 1 long stop for 2 hours in Glenwood was miserable! So needless to say I was really tired on Friday so we just hung out until Kirk's football game that night.  Saturday we had plans to go to the AppleFest in Cedaredge and wouldn't you was pouring down rain.  So they decided to head on home. Kind of a bummer that things didn't work out. Oh well, maybe next time! It was great to see them, and it is so fun to see the kids together as they are so close in age.  I was disappointed because I didn't get a picture of all four kids together but I will share the one of the babies.