Friday, March 19, 2010

Sorry, I'm Lazy!

Gus in his new hat
Smiling at my daddy. He has special smiles always for daddy!
A few of grandma's kids!
Kirk so glad to see his mom...the best bday present!

So I know that I have been slacking on posts lately and I am sorry! For some reason, any time that I get "free time" I just want to catch a quick nap. Laziness I'm sure, but having troubles kicking the habit:) Anyways, not a whole lot of new stuff going on here. Just really looking forward to our next break which is coming in about 3 weeks. After this next break, we will have about 7 weeks of school left....yeah summer! A couple of weeks ago we had a nice surprise with Grandma Chicken coming to visit for Kirk's birthday. I could hardly wait to tell him that she was coming, but seeing the look on his face when he saw her was well worth the wait! He was so cute and so happy that she came. The kids are doing great. I had to register Peyton for kindergarten this week...weird very weird! She is just getting too big way too fast! Raegan was so cute yesterday, Kirk had to dress up for his interview and she was so shocked to see him dressed that way, she said "Daddy looks like a prince!" How cute is that?! Gus is naughty as ever. Cute of course but naughty. He throws some pretty good fits, to where I have had to give him a little "time out" because there is nothing that we can do with him when he gets like that. He gets put in his bed to scream it out. His fuse is about a centimeter long. And when it BLOWS! Anyways, all is well here. Enjoy the pics and we hope to see everyone soon! P.S. Happy Birthday Sissy! Love you and Miss you Always!