Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

Gus got a football from the Easter Bunny....imagine that!
The girls and their Easter stuff
My adorable husband...especially in blue!
Some of our pretty eggs
Peyton and I made a bunny cake

Hello everyone-

Happy Easter to all of you! We didn't have such a happy easter. Fever and even a visit to the ER. Peyton was sick on Friday morning with the pukes, she was fine all day Saturday and Sunday morning. We got all dressed up in our Easter dresses for church. We headed to church and half way through they paged me for Peyton. They said that she almost passed out. She wanted to drink a lot of water and she just kept asking to go home. She was in a beautiful foo foo dress which is totally her thing, and when she asked to go home and put her PJ's back on, I knew she was sick! We got her home and she was running a fever of 102. Completely out of nowhere. So we gave her some tylenol and she just laid low for a while. She kept complaining that her stomach hurt, so that made me a little concerned. Sudden fever and bad stomach pain, I was thinking something was seriously wrong with her. Made a call into the Doc and she suggested that we go to the ER in case her appendix was rupturing. So off we went. They checked her out and sent us home. She did have a trace of blood in her urine, so they were thinking maybe a urinary tract infection. Who knows! So today I am home from school and she is unable to keep any solid foods down. We are going to get her urine checked again today, so that may give us some answers. My main concern was how this just came on so fast yesterday morning, when she had no symptoms of anything all day Friday and Saturday. But time will tell! On another note, yesterday morning was so cute with the girls. They crack me up because every other morning besides Christmas and Easter they are up by about 7 am or so. On those two mornings they stay in bed until 8 or 8:30 almost as if they are scared to come out or something. Anyways, they got spoiled from the Easter Bunny and then they had a blast looking for the eggs. They of course looked adorable in their Easter dresses. My mom found them at Sams. Well hopefully Peyton is on the mend as next week is our break week and her 5th birthday. I am thinking that I may rent one of the bump and jump's as they have a disney princess castle and I think she would love it. Anyways, hope all is well with everyone and enjoy the pics!

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